Aerocontrol´s mission is to serve through inspection services, under Non Destructive Testing (NDT) Techniques, mainly in the aeronautical industry. These represent our contribution in increasing the safety conditions for plane users and operators. Aerocontrol accomplishes this thanks to the continuous technical and professional development of it´s staff, and technical infrastructure, through competition and being contemplated as a viable business.

Aerocontrol will stay as a leading company, that offers inspection services under Non Destructive Testing (NDT) Techniques, and will continue being the preferred company by operators in the aeronautical industry. It will maintain the leadership in Non Destructive Testing (NDT) development in Colombia, and expand it´s covering to the Latin American market.

Aerocontrol´s members will carry out their mission with integrity through a professional way, following an ethic code, and being regulated by the aeronautical authority, accomplishing the Aeronautical Regulations of Colombia (RAC), as well as the national and regional government regulations. Equally observing and following the industry rules about industrial security and environment preservation.

, was founded in Bogotá Colombia, with a national covering. The company's beginning started in 1990, as the first independent company with exclusive dedication to Non Destructive Testing (NDT), in order to bring inspection services to the Colombian aeronautical operators. The Colombian Civil Aeronautical Authority gave Aerocontrol its license No.13072 on August 24, 1990 .

Aerocontrol was founded by an allience of wide experienced aeronautical technicians and engineers (with more than twenty years of experience).

This experience is dedicated to the inspection services of planes and its engines, as well as the maintenance and overhaul in all plane systems; mainly hydraulic and structures for planes and engines.

Aerocontrol was again certified in 1999 by the Colombian Civil Aeronautical Authority under a re certification program as an Aeronautical Repair Shop, classified to offer “SPECIALIZED SERVICES CLASS 1: Non Destructive Inspection Services for Materials”

Aerocontrol works following NDT international standards, contained in our Inspection Procedures Manual, getting a new certification with No UAEAC-CDF-014 on July 12, 1999 .


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